Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bonding with New BFFS

I just met them in my house 'cuz there was an event, "Trivia". They came up to me,after the Game,then decided to host a "Perfect Pictorial" Event.

My New BFFS are :
L y η η ♡ -
Lily SusanJane -

Here's Some Awesome shots in Perfect Pictorial !

In this Picture (from the left) :
Me,L y η η ♡ and Lily SusanJane Taking a Bow!

Everybody, Please!

The Most Sexy Girls of Ameba Pico ! ♡

we are supposed to shot more photos but
L y η η ♡  needed to leave because
her sister needs to use the
Laptop of L y η η ♡, 

Until Next Time!
Love yah BFFS !

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


At last,the Pink Pico is back again! when Pink Pico don't open for a long time, it's time to create the new one. The new, Berry's Pico Life! here you can see and explore the life of Berry. This is so exciting! I love to be back again! Whopeeeee ! :D

P.S. I'm Blueberry, now I'm Berry!
Add me on Pico okay! just leave me a message "Berry's Pico Life". If you don't put on it,sorry! No Random Adds for Berry! =(

Here's My Pico ID :

Many Thanks !